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The Little Theatre


The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem is the oldest theatrical organization in the Piedmont Triad. For almost 90 years audiences have experienced our spectacular productions!

As a fundamental part of Winston-Salem's cultural scene, we invite everyone in the community to exercise their imaginations, stretch their creative muscles, and experience the transformative magic of live theatre. 


Our mission is to entertain, engage, and enrich our community by offering diverse opportunities to create and experience the value and impact of live theatre.


We are committed to making theatre that engages, inspires and unifies communities. Each year, hundreds of volunteers get involved as actors, crew members, and ushers, while thousands participate as audience members. We encourage individuals of all ages and experience to be a part of our productions and learn from our professional directors, designers, and staff.


The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem is the oldest performing arts organization in the Triad.  Since 1935, we’ve been bringing the joy of theatre to the citizens of Winston-Salem.  We are proud of that legacy.



The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem is a community driven arts organization. As such, we see the true value and the critical role that diversity serves in helping our theatre and community thrive. Going forward, we are determined to foster an environment that respects and promotes the value of diversity. The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem believes in the transformative power of the arts to enrich lives and revitalize communities. We are committed to sustaining a diverse, inclusive, and equitable space where everyone who participates in our programming — patrons, artists, employees, volunteers, and students — feels valued and respected regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, education, or ability.

While this is not an end-all statement and will constantly evolve as we and our organization (continues to) learn and grow, this is a starting point for forming actions that will encourage equity and make an impact.

Commitment (some in place some and some in the process):

  • Evaluating all scripts with considerations towards inclusion and diversity within the season.

  • Increasing camp accessibility by providing scholarships to those in need of financial assistance.

  • Creating an equitable internship that includes compensation.

  • Seeking the recruitment, retention, and support of Black and Indigenous artists and teachers of Color.

  • Seeking opportunities to provide resources for students and their families to attend shows.

  • Working with individual directors to strive for diverse casts and design teams.

  • Ensuring that all directors have casting and dramaturgical resources available to them to protect and support the cultural specificity required of the work.


We strive for artistic excellence in all of our programming.  To that end, we maintain and provide the human, financial, and other resources necessary to support our productions, educational programming, and long-term sustainability.  Our staff and board practice and develop strategies to achieve the highest standards in our governance, management, and operational practices.




We collaborate with individuals, arts organizations, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and social and service groups to help our community grow and work well together.  We encourage cooperation between our artists and the community, and we provide growth opportunities for anyone who wants to explore the performing arts, pursue a future in theatre, or keep theatre in their lives, while working in other fields.



We care about our audience.  From the moment you buy a ticket to the final bows, we strive to make it a fun and memorable event.  We also care about our volunteers, who are the lifeblood of our organization.  We foster a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment for everyone who participates: staff, artists, volunteers, and audience members.

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