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Fists in Solidarity

Bring a Little Theatre into the Office

Creative Design
Creative Design

Theatre promotes communication skills, cooperation and confidence.

Build a stronger organization and have fun at the same time.

Corporate theatre workshops are not about learning acting skills. They are about learning and acquainting yourself with business and leadership skills, learning behavioural adaptation and innovative methodologies to solve complex business problems. Theatre and improv games inspire teams to think collaboratively and become comfortable taking the risks needed to find something brilliant within themselves.


The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem’s Corporate program will customize a workshop or series based on the needs of your company and employees. Taught by our experienced theatre educators these workshops will bring out the best in your employees.

Enhance the skills of team productivity, business agility, leadership, innovation, empathy, communication and decision making

Creative Hands

For Managers:

Public Speaking

Communication skills

Group organization

Gain Confidence

For Teams:

Communication skills

Group dynamics

Cultivate Flexibility


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