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Audition for The Little Theatre


Audition for one or more of our shows this season!

We keep auditions as easy and stress-free as possible. No appointments, and everyone is welcome! As a community theatre we encourage non-traditional casting, and encourages all who are interested to audition. 

At the audition you will fill out an audition form and conflict sheet when you arrive, so please bring your calendar.  Your photo will be take for reference. 

For plays, you'll be asked to do cold readings ("sides"); for musicals, you'll sing a song you've prepared and possibly learn a short choreography routine. 

At The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem everyone is welcome to audition and no role is cast before auditions take place.

Questions about auditions? Email

Audition Workshop

July 12, 2024, 6:00PM

The Little Theatre Offices

419 N Spruce St.

Ever wanted to audition but didn't know what to expect or where to begin?

This workshop will put you through all of the steps of our usual audition without any of the stress. This is the time to try out auditioning, ask questions and get feed back. There will be an acting, singing and choreography portion led by experienced performers and production team members. T

No one working on a 90th season production will be present.

The Following Songs will be available for your audition piece.

Soprano Will He Like Me? (She Loves Me)

Alto-Nobody Does it Like Me (Seesaw) (start at :35)

Or There’s A Fine Line (Avenue Q)

Tenor-Ten minutes Ago (Cinderella)

Baritone-Soon it’s Gonna Rain (The Fantasticks)  (Start :50-2:24)

Young female-I Know It’s Today (Shrek)

Auditioning Workshop-1.png

Click the Show for more Information

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And Then There Were None

By Agatha Christie

Directed by Elizabeth J. Rief


Auditions: Monday, July 15 from 6:00-8:00 pm

Callbacks: Tuesday, July 16 from 6:00-8:00 pm

at The Little Theatre’s offices, 419 N. Spruce Street

in downtown Winston-Salem


There are roles available for 3 women (ages 20s-60s) and 8 men (ages 20s-70s).


Please read the character descriptions and performance schedule below. Auditions will consist of reading from sides. Please bring your calendar and be prepared to list all potential conflicts for the rehearsal and performance period.


The first read through will tentatively be held Monday, July 22 at 7 pm, and rehearsals will generally be held Monday-Friday evenings.

This is subject to change depending on the cast’s availability.



September 6-8 & 12-15, 2024

Thursday-Saturday performances at 7:30 pm

Sunday matinees at 2 pm

All performances will be held at the Hanesbrands Theatre

209 N. Spruce Street in Winston-Salem


Ten strangers with dark secrets arrive on a remote island, trapped by a storm and stalked by a ruthless killer. One by one, the guests are murdered according to the foreboding lines of an eerie nursery rhyme. Feel the rising tension and growing dread as the killer closes in on their next victim.

Will justice be served?



All characters can be portrayed by any ethnicity.


All characters are British and will need to have either a Standard British or Cockney accent. Feel free to “bring” yours to the audition!  We will also work on accents during the rehearsal process.


Thomas Rogers (30s - 50s) He is a competent, middle-aged manservant. He and his wife were hired to handle housekeeping and cooking for the guests on Soldier Island.


Ethel Rogers (30s - 50s) Thomas’ wife, she is a worried, frightened-looking woman. She and her husband were hired to handle housekeeping and cooking for the guests on Soldier Island.


Vera Claythorne (20s) She is a school teacher who comes to the island to act as a secretary for the mysterious owners.  She is practical and careful but also a romantic.


Phillip Lombard (25-30s) He is attractive, resourceful and creative, always cracking jokes. He used to be a soldier in Africa and has been hired to watch out for any trouble that may occur on Soldier Island.


Anthony Marston (20s) A creature of sensation and of action, he is a rich, athletic, and handsome youth. He likes to drive recklessly and seems to lack a conscience. (This role may also double with Fred Narracott. See below.)


Emily Brent (40s-60s) She is a Bible-thumping, self-righteous old biddy who never consciously feels any remorse.


Sir Lawrence Wargrave (50s-70s) Lately retired from the bench, he is obsessed with justice - and with death. He is a hanging judge and speaks in acid tones. When the guests realize they are being hunted and killed, they turn to him because of his air of authority and leadership skills.


Dr. Armstrong (40s-50s) A successful doctor who comes to Soldier Island to tend to the ill Mrs. Owen. He is preoccupied with maintaining his reputation and success.


William Blore (40s-60s) An ex-police inspector who is hired to come to the island under false pretenses.  He is practical and careful but has very little imagination.  Well-built, his experience inspires others to look to him for advice.  His attempts at blending in with the more refined guests makes for a comedic effect.


General Mackenzie (60s - 70s) A general in WWI, he is the oldest guest on the island. Still proud, but losing his grip on reality. Upright, soldierly, but gentle and kind man with a tired face.


Fred Narracott (20s-50s) A boatman who brings supplies and guests to Soldier Island. He appears onstage at the beginning of the play and is referred to throughout. (This role may also double with Anthony Marston. See above.)

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