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Audition for one or more of our shows this season!

We try to keep auditions as easy and stress-free as possible. No appointment is required, and everyone is welcome!  We'll have you fill out an audition form and conflict sheet when you arrive, so please bring your calendar.  We'll also take your photo.  For plays, you'll be asked to do cold readings ("sides"); for musicals, you'll sing a song you've prepared and possibly learn a short choreography routine. 
Details about upcoming auditions are below.


The Little Theatre believes in non-traditional casting, and encourages all who are interested to audition. 

Questions about auditions? Email kristina@ltofws.org




An LTWS Youth Production
adapted by Chad Edwards
from Mark Twain's short story "The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg”




Hadleyburg High: the perfect high school with perfect students who get perfect grades and live perfect lives.  Or is it?  When a locked box with a cryptic note appears on campus, students and faculty are challenged to recall a mysterious stranger who appears to have his own lesson to teach.  Adapted from Mark Twain's popular short story, this fun, modern twist will keep you guessing until the very end!


Video auditions due by Friday, January 29, 2021.

 Please read all of the details below before submitting your audition.   


Roles are available for up to 12 actors, ages 14-19, and up to 4 actors ages 20-60.  Character descriptions are below, as is a monologue from the script, which you will read for your audition.


Your video audition should include:

- Your name and age

- The role(s) for which you would like to be considered (optional)

- Your reading of the Youth* or Adult** monologue (see below)


Email the video, along with your contact information (full name, phone number, and email address) to kristina@ltofws.org by Friday, January 29.  If you have trouble sending the file, try using WeTransfer.com.  In your email, please let us know if you have any conflicts for rehearsals. 

*YOUTH AUDITION MONOLOGUE (from Hadleyburg High):


THE STRANGER:  "Let me set the scene.  Last semester, as many of you know, I had the not-so pleasure of attending the infamous Hadleyburg High.  You know the one, New York’s best and brightest, winner of every state championship known to man, every student is perfect, thinks their crap don’t stink kind of a high school that everyone dreams of attending.  How did I slip through the cracks?  Possibly a computer error.  As soon as I started there, everyone knew everyone else and they were all friends with each other, but no one talked to me.  No one noticed me.  Everyone thinks they are perfect and there are no cracks in the foundation of the school.  Everybody gets an “A” in every subject.  Everyone is perfectly nice to the teachers and the teachers are perfectly nice back.  Every day is sunshine.  Literally.  There is no rain.  Ever.  Everything looks perfect.  The clothes, the smiles, the absolutely sickening atmosphere of “perfect”.  Everything I did seemed to be imperfect.  I was never noticed……..never picked out of the crowd, but I’ll bet that if you played  “Where’s Waldo?” seeking the freak needle in a haystack you could spot me right out of the gate.   All of my straight “A’s” turned into straight “B’s” and I was falling fast.  I had to get out."


**ADULT AUDITION MONOLOGUE (from Hadleyburg High):

MR. CALDWELL: "Greetings, Hadleyburg Cougars.  Before we begin, I’d like to thank you all for joining me for these stranger than usual circumstances.  We have a big mystery to reveal today and I know we all want to find out who is the good samaritan who is worthy of this generous prize.  Before we begin, I would like to inform you of the procedure for today’s event.  I would like to introduce Mrs. Calloway, who has been nominated as the keeper of all of the forms.  She will read the forms first and then key in the phrase, only after all of the forms have been read.  I would also like to introduce Mr. Banks, who is the president at one of our largest school supporters, Western Savings and Loan.  They have kept the prize in their vault for safekeeping for the entire week.  Mr. Caldwell, do you have anything you would like to say to our students and staff?"



Rehearsals will begin the first week of February via Zoom. 

Actors will rehearse 2-3 times per week in the evenings.



The video performance will premier on Friday, March 5, and run through Sunday, March 14. It will be a ticketed event.


Roles are available for 12 actors, ages 14-19.


Mysterious former student of Hadleyburg High


Student council vice president at Hadleyburg High



Student council president at Hadleyburg High


Student manager of Hadleyburg High’s webpage


Reporter for WXMT News (youth or adult actor)

Chloe, Patrick, Stephen, and Rachel

Students at Hadleyburg High

Mr. Caldwell

Principal at Hadleyburg High (youth or adult actor)

Mrs. Calloway

Teacher/advisor with a somewhat shady past (youth or adult actor)


Mr. Banks

President of the local Western Savings and Loan Bank (youth or adult actor)

Any questions? Contact kristina@ltofws.org.

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